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Video calling: 4 good reasons to try it out

Hi there! Thank you for checking out our blog. You have probably browsed through our website and already know which features Sentab has to offer. Today we want to tell you all about our video calls and why is video calling better than good old telephoning.

It was in the beginning of 20th century when a man who gave us the gift of telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, predicted: “…the day would come when the man at the telephone would be able to see the distant person to whom he was speaking”. Bell didn’t live to see that day. Luckily, we have. In fact, video calling has become incredibly popular. There are several apps and technological devices allowing us to have a face-to-face conversation with someone who isn’t in the same room.


Below are four good reasons to make video calls.

  • Seeing is better than hearing

We telephone our family members and friends all the time, but voice calls have its limits as non-verbal communication constitutes no less than two thirds of communication. Seeing family members that can’t pay a visit every day, every week or even every month is priceless and a simple telephone call can’t compete with it.

  • Video calls are free

Video calls require more broadband and can thus be expensive to service providers, which could result in higher rates. Some companies have managed to find a way to offer limitless video calls without extra cost. Well, Sentab is one of those companies. Our video calls cost you nothing.

  • You already have the device

Several video calling services run on very specific devices and can only connect with similar appliances. They can be pricy too! That’s why we have created a system that works on a piece of technology almost everyone has – a TV. Unlimited number of contacts can connect with their already existing smartphones, tablets or computers. Brand of the phone or computer makes no difference, they’re all compatible.

  • Not for just two participants

Video calls are easy to transform into family sessions. Why not include children and other family members? A TV screen is big enough to display more than one person at the other end. It’s spending quality time in a very modern way.

To benefit from Sentab video calling service sign up and become our test user. It’s free!