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Is SentabTV for me?



Buying a TV for its “smart” capabilities may not be the best move for many consumers. It is true that smart TV’s provide access to a multitude of applications and internet based services that a traditional TV does not. However, there are drawbacks to having an integrated smart service.


Historically TV manufacturers are not able to keep up with all the multitude of updates that happen on a daily basis in the world of apps. What does this mean for the consumer? Either, you spend a significant amount of time on updating not so smart TV, or the TV manufacturer stops providing updates for external features. What this means is that almost all of the “smart” functionality is useless. Congratulations, you paid extra for a smart TV and after a few months it becomes a regular old TV…


To keep things simple purchasing a TV companion box that adds “smart” functionality is a far better option. Often companion boxes have a more bespoke user interface designed making them easier to use, are cheaper than a smart TV, have a wider variety of applications available and are updated more frequently. Furthermore, if you have to replace your TV companion box it is far easier and cheaper to replace than a TV.


It is no surprise that sales of companion/content streaming boxes like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or Roku have been increasing and outpacing the sales of integrated smart TV-s. On demand services like Netflix and Hulu have also played a very large part in the content streaming market. The ability to use on demand services is becoming more and more desirable, why wait for scheduled programs?


SentabTV is an amazing companion/content streaming device that goes one step further…


We have added also an important missing piece – social connectivity. Have you tried to use the Facebook app on a TV? It is virtually impossible! Sentab have developed a social environment that has been optimized for the TV and more importantly, it is very simple in use. It even has pass-through functionality, so there is no need to switch sources to use SentabTV.



When we created SentabTV, we wanted it to be fully inclusive so that even the most resolute technophobe would benefit from what we do. Sentab helps to bridge the digital divide by creating connectivity between smartphones, tables, PC’s and TV! Sentab connects to Sentab apps for Android and iOS, so that you can still interface to the people who do not have SentabTV. It is cheap, it is novel and it is changing the way how social engagement works.


If a large screen suits your needs, staying connected with family and friends is relevant, you want to benefit from free video and audio calls and like on-demand services – SentabTV is for you!