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Make free voice and video calls to the people that matter to you.

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Share photos and videos with your family and friends.

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Discover online communities and make friends with like-minded people.

Designed for Life

Sentab is a preferred virtual meeting-place for hobby communities and social circles of the third age. We encourage people to share, discover, learn and socialise.

Sentab was designed to be easy to use, engaging and focused on topics that matter to you the most.

Come explore the world of Sentab and discover how it can make your life better connected. Our membership is free.

How It Works

"Because I don’t use a computer I usually have to wait for pictures, with Sentab it's instant!" - Hilda Bristow

"I feel more connected because I can get in touch with people" - Patricia Carter

"My family makes less calls on the normal phone now. Instead they use Sentab, and nothing beats seeing face to face” - Nina Stoppel

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