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Sentab - Our Contribution to Address
Later Life Loneliness
Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research & Innovation programme, supporting novel ideas which have the potential to have a huge impact, with nearly €80bn funding available between 2014-2020. SENTAB was chosen as one of those ideas, and has been awarded €1.6M funding.
With this H2020 project, Sentab joins the
campaign to address later life loneliness. We want to put our strengths to the service of society.
The objective of our Horizon 2020 project is to improve Sentab's capability to discover user needs early on and align the product better with the needs of family members and caregivers.
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Later life loneliness is a growing concern, with almost three million older people in the UK alone feeling that they have no one to turn to for help & support and over one million older people say thay are always or often feel lonely. Another compelling fact is that 41% of people aged 65+ feel out of touch with the pace of modern life.

This issue is not just one of social responsibility, it is also having a severe impact on health services. Analysis by Social Finance suggest that effective intervention to reduce isolation could produce a gross cost saving of £1million per thousand affected people. And this is an issue that is affecting most EU nations to a similar extent.

Sentab connects people

Sentab's interactive services are fun and help people to overcome social isolation by staying in touch with friends & family members, as well as making new introductions and connections.

We plan to help older generations get digitally connected and create their own social networks. We believe that this peer led social interaction is key to helping people remain an important part of their community.

There's more

With the help of H2020 we can make our system more intelligent. Users and their family members benefit from the ongoing development of health & wellbeing notification systems.


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