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Sentab TV solution got coverage on the largest EU R&D publication

20 December 2017

The below article is referred from CORDIS – a Community Research and Development Information Service portal. Keeping senior citizens connected…

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Shipping and delivery of Sentab products

15 December 2017

Many of our customers have asked us how the delivery of SentabTV unit works. Whenever possible, we are using Fulfilment…

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Enabling HD video calling on Sentab TV

13 December 2017

When you purchase Sentab TV box, the default video call resolution setting on the box is what we call SD…

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Skype for TV app discontinued – what now?

27 July 2017

Few weeks back Samsung Smart TV users could notice that the Skype for TV app has disappeared from their TV…

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Sentab Elevator Pitch to Innovate UK

25 July 2017

UK Manager Dayle Rodriguez presenting an elevator pitch at the Innovate UK. Check out how Sentab got started and what…

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A Sentab Study Finds Links between Mood and Consumed Media

12 June 2017

The current study, carried out by Sentab and co-funded by EU H2020 program, is researching the links between mood and…

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Tackling Loneliness through Inclusive Technology: a Study

27 April 2017

The current study researches the possibility of using technology for combatting loneliness in later life. Use of technology can provide…

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SentabTV – Croydon Council Event. Come and see!

13 April 2017

FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE Croydon Council and Sentab would like to invite you to an exciting event! You may be…