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Sentab TV solution got coverage on the largest EU R&D publication

20 December 2017

The below article is referred from CORDIS – a Community Research and Development Information Service portal. Keeping senior citizens connected…

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A Sentab Study Finds Links between Mood and Consumed Media

12 June 2017

The current study, carried out by Sentab and co-funded by EU H2020 program, is researching the links between mood and…

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Tackling Loneliness through Inclusive Technology: a Study

27 April 2017

The current study researches the possibility of using technology for combatting loneliness in later life. Use of technology can provide…

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A Study on Short Term Memory in Later Life

10 February 2017

The current study on short-term memory in later life was conducted within the framework of the EU funded project “SENTAB:…

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Physical Activity in Later Life: a Study by Sentab

07 February 2017

Sentab has published a paper looking into the physical activity levels in later life.  The current paper discusses the findings obtained…

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Sentab Index – the Big Data way of Interpreting Wellbeing

07 October 2016

What is Sentab Index and how can it measure your well-being? This article will help you find answers to these questions.

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Dementia: Top Secrets to a Healthier Brain…

21 March 2016

Cognitive Decline – is it just a case of use it or lose it?What are you most afraid of? Fear…