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Live Broadcasts now enriching the lives of Sentab community

Live broadcasts becoming a norm


Crowd-sourced live broadcasting is making strides. Recently Facebook and Twitter announced their live broadcasting features. Indeed, live broadcasting on a social media is a new, but remarkable turning-point, where anyone can become a content producer and a channel host. More importantly, user generated live broadcasting is a manifestation of true democracy exhibiting peoples’ crave of participation in society and catering their views and voice to their audience. Live broadcasts on social media are not anything brand-new though. Youtube had its channels operating already a while back, but the speed and take-up of live broadcasting seems reaching a tipping point now.


People are craving to be part of events that matter to them – often too local to be of interest to major broadcasting channels and often too personal to be of interest to larger public. Be it an activity run by local gym class, Sunday church service, get-together of a local Lions Club or scheduled events run by residential facilities.



Sentab empowers community participation through its live broadcasts


Sentab has launched its own Live broadcasting capability on InTouchTV and apps to both capitalize on the benefits that it brings through improved access to local events, as well as provide timely, locally relevant and targeted information.


Our users have shown a huge interest towards participating remotely in the social activities that matter to them – equally, to view these broadcasts later not to miss out. Again, it may be a book-club meeting that one missed for personal reasons, or a nutrition related lecture that took place in one of the Sentab’s online communities.


Live broadcasts can be initiated within Sentab communities or in personal feeds. These can be viewed by people who are part of the community or your own personal network. Live broadcasts are catered on three out of four platforms that Sentab support – InTouchTV catering large screen experience, Android application and web interface. iOS app lags yet the support, but will be having it shortly.


Benefits that our business customers will have


Nowadays, residential communities are much more socially diverse. People are getting more active in their later life, look and go in for hobbies, travel and share experiences.


Live broadcasting is an excellent way of linking those communities around topics they care about. It has been under used approach by communities themselves – primarily, as the mechanics of the broadcast set-up and execution seem to be too “techy” and complicated, the viewing devices not suitable for catering a good user experience (i.e. watching live broadcast on a tiny cell phone screen) and reach towards the audience complicated due to heterogeneous use of different devices.


Sentab has addressed that pain – the set-up of a live broadcast can be done in the matter of the minutes, the broadcasting device can be a computer with a camera and large screen experience delivered through InTouchTV platform that is connected to any TV. This is a truly simple way of generating eventful occasions.


Bringing live broadcasts to your constituency will enable to:

  • include and reach every person within the community;
  • enrich their TV viewing experience with more relevant content;
  • manage your agenda;
  • disseminate information effectively through better inclusion;
  • save on broadcasting costs offered by production companies.


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