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Sentab Network Changes

Dear Valued Customers!

Sentab was created to be a bridge between older adults and their families. Our products were meant to service those, who were left behind by fast paced technology development. As time went bye, more and more usage appared to be outside of our initial target groups and Sentab was turning into another video calling app and public social network.

We want to return to the roots. Therefore, we have taken a decision to make Sentab a private network. For each of you who buys Sentab TV box (you can buy it here) we will create an account and will send you this information onto your e-mail at the time of shipping Sentab TV box.

If you want to add your friends and family, please send an email to indicating:
1. Your invoice number
2. Your name (must match with the name on the invoice)
3. First name(s) and last name(s) of your family members you want to invite to Sentab
4. Their e-mails

We will then create respective accounts and send those details to you over an e-mail. Your contacts will then also receive a verification email, that they will have to accept.

We will refrain from answering to support emails which do not include the asked information.

Thank you for your interest!